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Three apartments in Jucanya

Perfect for someone to live in one and rent the other two.

The apartments are only a three minute walk to the lake and ten to the center of Panajachel.

They have a solar hot water heater with electric backup, large bedrooms and living rooms. The living/dining room opens to the garden via a to a 3.5 mt. (11" 6') door.

Property Code: panajachel#7

             ...at a glance:


Three independent apartments.


US$31,500 each or $84,000 for all three


Total land area: 2447 ft².
or 231.2 mt².

Total building area: 1620 ft².
or 153.6 mt².
Each apartment area: 540 ft².
or 51.2 mt². plus garden

  • 1 Bedroom: 185 ft².
    or 17.5 mt².
  • 1 Living/dining room: 300 ft².
    or 28.1 mt².
  • 1 Bathroom: 61 ft².
    or 5.8 mt².
  • 1 Garden: 270 ft².
    or 25.3 mt².


Structure, electrical and plumbing built to US building code standards.

  • All utilities installed
  • Cable TV and broadband internet
  • American style bath/shower
  • Solar hot water provides LOTS of hot water
  • Single level
  • Very secure
  • Enormous water tank - 570 ft³ or 4,260 gal. or 16,140 liter

For more information please contact us.

Note: Property Code: panajachel#7

Other properties are available upon request.
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