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Guatemala is Central America's largest and most populous country. Most Guatemalans live in the temperate mountainous region called the Western Highlands. Lake Aitlan is in the heart of the Western Highlands.


The combination of being about 15 degrees above the equator and 1560 meters (5100 ft.) above sea level makes for an ideal climate. It's never uncomfortably cold or hot. The rainy season lasts from May to October, but the sun does shine some almost every day. Indeed for most of us who live here year round the rainy season is our favorite time of year.

Getting to Atitlan is easy. Travelers usually fly into Guatemala City and go directly to Antigua, where they spend a few days before coming to the lake. Transport services offer door-to-door service between Panajachel and Antigua, or anywhere else in Guatemala. The lake is about a two and a half hour drive from Guatemala City or Antigua.

Western Highlands Lake Atitlan

* This photo was taken from this point overlooking the lake. See first map

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